When the festive season arrives it’s difficult to avoid all the tasty treat temptations and late night socialising. Here’s some tips on finding a good balance throughout December so all your hard work towards your goals doesn’t go to waste!

  • Make time for exercise. Get more steps in walking safely to and from venues, or your place of work? Or why not fit in your gym class and arrive a little later to the party? If you’re out partying, head onto the dance floor and bust a move to burn some calories
  • Limit alcohol and caffeine by balancing partying with tee-total days/nights to avoid burnout. Plan what you will drink and have fun finding alternatives to strong or calorific tipples. Intersperse alcohol with water to minimise damage the next day!
  • Avoid mixing with people with cold, flu, cough or virus symptoms, and stay away from gatherings if you are not feeling 100%. Rest and fluids are the best way to recover
  • Party foods are typically salty, so quench your thirst with water instead of alcohol or sugary drinks
  • Try an indoor sport with friends. If you want to stay out of the cold there’s lots of indoor activities to keep you moving. At The Castle Leisure Centre you can play badminton, basketball, 5 a-side football, volleyball or enjoy a leisurely swim in the pool
  • Aim for healthy food swaps, pile on the salad/vegetables and avoid constantly grazing at the buffet table. Have a filling breakfast/lunch so you’re not starving and tempted to scoff
  • Enjoy the outdoors! We can all feel a little sluggish after indulging in a party or two but getting outdoors in December will do well for your mental health. There are plenty of parks in Southwark so enjoy the nature around you · Make mindful food choices such as allocating vegetarian or vegan days. Veganuary is an option but you can don’t have to dedicate a whole month to it or wait for January
  • Grab a power nap to help you through the day. If you’re struggling with energy levels just 15-30 minutes of napping is ideal – set an alarm so you don’t over sleep and feel groggy

Key takeaways

There’s no need to neglect your fitness or wellbeing just because it’s winter and party season. Winter can seem cold, dark and a bit miserable but planning for your health and fitness can make all the difference to how you feel. Instead of eating, drinking and hibernating, take time to appreciate the outdoors, move more, find healthy alternatives and joy through new activities or hobbies. Taking steps to be as healthy as possible will give your defences the best chance to keep you physically and mentally well and active.