A recent Sport England survey found that more than one quarter of children cannot swim the length of a pool by the age of 11. That means that they are potentially unsafe in water and at risk of drowning.

Our Southwark Splash Swim School encourages children to take up swimming as early as possible. It a vital life skill it and provides many other benefits.

10 reasons why children should learn to swim

  1. Safety: Learning swimming skills can help children be safer around water and prevent drowning accidents
  2. Physical fitness: Swimming is a great form of exercise that helps children build strength, endurance, and improve cardiovascular health
  3. Confidence: Mastering swimming skills can boost children’s self-confidence, as they overcome challenges and learn new abilities
  4. Social skills: Swimming lessons provide opportunities for children to meet and interact with new friends, developing their social skills and teamwork
  5. Discipline: Swimming requires discipline and dedication, teaching children the importance of regular practice, setting goals, and working hard to achieve them
  6. Stress relief: Swimming helps children relax and reduce stress by releasing endorphins and providing an enjoyable way to unwind
  7. Coordination: Swimming improves children’s coordination, balance, and fine motor skills as they learn different strokes and movements in the water
  8. Emotional development: Swimming lessons can help children regulate their emotions, as the water provides a soothing and calming environment
  9. Cognitive development: Swimming involves learning new techniques, rules, and strategies, stimulating children’s cognitive development and problem-solving skills
  10. Lifelong skill: Swimming is a lifelong skill that children can carry into adulthood, providing them with opportunities for recreation, fitness, and potentially even competitive swimming

Our swim school follows the Swim England framework offering lessons for all ages and abilities. If you’re interested in learning moreΒ enquire today or ask in-centre.